The Cowboy's Last Rodeo (79th Copper Mountain Rodeo #4)


Shane Marvell's career as a rodeo rider is ending far too soon. He doesn’t have a plan B, so during his last season, he’s all in, determined to win as much prize money as possible--even if it means riding injured and taking more risks than he should. 

Ella Etxeberri has always played it safe, so when her life still takes a bad turn despite her caution, she wonders if it isn’t time to see what she’s been missing. While researching risk behaviors in rodeo riders, she meets Shane Marvell, a cowboy who merits additional study of the personal variety. 

Just as Ella is hitting the point to embrace risk, Shane is pulling back. He knows Ella’s all-in approach is born of curiosity and whim. He’s not what she wants forever, and perhaps Ella is one risk he can't allow himself to take.


Ella Exetberri is working through what she thinks is her looking at herself as not taking risks, whereas everyone in her family does. They take them to the point of putting their lives on the line in what they do, at least from her perspective. Now not getting into a program in college she is doing her own case study. This is where she meets bull rider Shane Marvell who is looking at this being his last year on the circuit. What he did not expect was to be thrown by a woman he never met before and now he is scared when she tells him who she feels about him. She also stands up to her own family when she tells them she is not going back to school or to the ranch. Now it is time for Shane to step up or get bucked off. Read this book and see what happens. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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