“A man like me takes what he wants when he wants it.”

Lacey wanted to find a sexy and irresistible man. Only, she never thought she’d meet someone like Henry James. Henry James had a wicked smile and dazzling eyes. He was arrogant, handsome, teasing, and the sexiest man she’d ever seen in her life.

The only problem was Henry James was everything she wasn’t looking for in a man. He was too handsome. Too rich. Too alpha. He was the sort of man that could have Lacey doing what he wanted without her even knowing. He was the sort of man that had her doing things she never thought she’d do.

Plain and simple, Henry James was trouble and Lacey wanted nothing to do with him. However, Henry had other plans and the first of which was to get Lacey into his bed.

Falling For the Billionaire is a hot sexy standalone book. Readers should be 18 and over due to mature content.

     I really tried to like this book.  With each scroll up on my phone, I kept telling myself it has to get better than Falling for My Boss.  But slowly and painfully found out it was really no better.
     This is Lacey’s first sexual experience with Henry.  I could almost understand Lacey only because Henry was her first everything.  But a big BUT.  Did the pig notice or care?  Not even.  He jumps out of bed and when she questions and when she questions where he’s going, he says to dispose of the condom.  The next thing she hears is the shower running.
     Now granted they had rules, before going to bed with each other.  1.) NO relationship, no falling in love, 2.) NO set rules in bed, 3.) NO questioning the other of what they are doing.  They ARE NOT DATING.  Basically, NO FALLING IN LOVE, No Dating Others, and No getting jealous of the others dating life.  Really, he could go on but mainly all on his terms.  Yet, she agreed.
     Mainly just sex.  When he saw her talking to other men the alpha male BS would start.  In her head, she would say this is BS and react as such.  Later on, she would talk herself into believing he was starting to love her.
     One thing she couldn’t forget was that first night as he went into the bathroom and he showered making her feel cheap and like a whore.  Washing her scent away from him.  She had walked up to the door that night thinking she could be bold and get in the shower with him.  Only to stop when she heard him talking yes, talking to another woman on the phone, Claudia.
     She heard him say he had proposed to her for a reason.  So, now she believed he was engaged or had been.  She knew he was to meet her at a dive coffee shop.  Which she goes to and spies on them because she had to know.  Once she did, she still wanted him.  She was hooked.
     The same girl that was pissed off at her friend at the beginning of the book because she slept with her ex-in college.  Yet, she’s willing to continue having loveless foreplay and sex with a man who has an emotional girlfriend if not a physical relationship with her still.  He was also the same man so self-absorbed he never noticed he took her V-card.  Yeah, ladies stand in line he’s taking numbers.  What!?
     This was one crazy ass book!  2 stars and only 2 because 1 she turned him away finally telling him off and 1 for him figuring out his mistakes and going to her to make amends.  Telling her he got Claudia help, that he was in love with her, Lacey.  Then asking her to marry him.  I think they both need therapy I think first. Bought on Amazon. 

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