Can one illicit night…

Lead to the love of a lifetime?

In this Hope Children’s Hospital story, senior pediatric surgeon Alice Baxter believes she’ll never conceive. So is stunned to find she’s pregnant after one spontaneous night with colleague Marco Ricci! She might be his buttoned-up boss but their chemistry is off the charts. And when Marco whisks Alice to his family’s Italian Castello she discovers he’s determined to claim both his baby…and her heart too!

     I understand Alice believing she can’t have a child ever do to a medical condition.  Been there done that.  So, for those who think the miracle can’t be oh yes it can.  Mine is now almost 18 and we had her almost twenty-one and a half years into our marriage and three adoptive children later.
     So, when she and her crush Marco her equal and yes technically her subordinate get together it is not impossible to believe that they also produce this miracle.  Their sexual chemistry makes them all the more suited for each other.  Being that each had been engaged before they met and being hurt didn’t make it any easy for them.
     They are both pediatric surgeons skilled at their jobs but not at communication.  Being that they have both been attracted to each other since day one.  It makes it harder not to allow the tension to mount.  So, they use their banter to come out by teasing about each other’s egos.  For the most part it has been harmless but on this not so much. 
     This day it got out of hand and became more personal.  It just so happened it was on the day of the big hospital fundraiser.  At the event when Marco sees Alice his boss, he nearly loses his teeth she is so breathtaking.  For it almost covers her sleek stealth body that he knows she cares for like a machine.
     He knows he needs to talk to her and make his amends for not giving her the respect she deserves.  He walks to her and asks her to dance.  At which time he says he’s sorry for taking the teasing too far.  When his closeness and his sexual essence gets to her overwhelming her senses, she says she needs air.  Leaving him standing on the dance floor.
     Marco follows her out and rides the elevator down she’s not happy because her temp is running higher due to his closeness from the dance.  They ended up in one of the procedure rooms together to talk before leaving to go home when their sexual attraction gets the better of them both.  It was fast, hot, and so worth it to them both.
     Then reality hits Alice like a sledgehammer.  She panics because one she is his boss.  Two, her last relationship castrated her due to her illness.  As much as she wants Marco and she does want him so much it aches.  She knows reality always comes after one and down.  But she does it anyway.  Six weeks later the surprise of her life occurs.
     Now comes her struggling with “could it be, ‘Does he want me for me or just for the baby I carry?’ All real fears but she goes back and forth a lot it did start to be much at times.
     My only problem with the story is that when he knows how fragile is emotional she is that he does several things that any other woman would have said, “Oh Hell No!”  So, here we go her fears about going to his parent’s vineyard that he just doesn’t seem to take as real…
A.)     His family, finding out she’s pregnant.
B.)     His family, finding out she doesn’t speak any Italian.
     But when his family does find out about her being pregnant, he runs after his ex-leaving her behind with is Italian speaking family.  Why would he do that?  I mean the whole book in his head he keeps letting the reader know he loves her yet goes after the ex? 
     She can’t understand why so she figures why am I here.  So, she packs and leaves.  Whatever the case now this is what Alice thinks.  Why or how does he think this is a good idea at all?  You will have to read to find out but it was a surprise to me.

     At any rate, I am giving this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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