MY BEST FRIEND                                  ANCELLI

What would you do if you realize that your best friend is the love of your life? Jason and Kay loved each other from the moment they met but obstacles kept getting in their way. An unexpected pregnancy brings them together. 

This book contains explicit sexual content.

     This was an interesting take on a mix couple relationship.  With having this couple Kay and Jason who were good friends since college.  And although they had found each other highly attractive, were always with others and never at the right time to make a move on the other.
     Neither saw each other’s color or background as an issue.  Kay’s parents passed at fifteen and Jason’s parent’s loved, Kay.  Everyone knew the two should be together as a couple but them.  At least they never wanted to take any chance and ruin a great friendship when there were those small windows to try.
     But one day at their weekly Friday night dinner date.  Kay tells Jason she got pregnant by her ex-Tommy who she told and has not heard from for almost two months now.  Jason was angry and disappointed for her allowing herself to let this to happen.  He absolutely hated Tommy.
     Once the shock wore off, he wanted to be there for her and the baby.  Once she heard the heartbeat, he was all in.  Even wanted to adopt the baby.  When there was a tragic episode that happens at her home, she is not happy.  Neither is Jason.
     He handles the situation and claims her that night as his and the baby too.  See what happens and why.  They are a sweet couple who are learning as they go along.  Jason can be a little to Alpha for a “white boy” as Kay calls him.  But this author gives you enough twist and turns to make it so interesting.  Beware this is an over 18 books for sure there is some sexual content. 

     Bought on Amazon.  I give this: 4 stars.  Follow us at

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