Hard Fall (Jon Reznick #5)

HARD FALL                                                   J.B. TURNER

 When an old Delta Force buddy comes to Jon Reznick for help, paranoid and fearing for his life, Reznick feels duty-bound to protect him. As a black-ops specialist, loyalty to his brothers in arms comes before everything—even the law.

But Jerry White proves difficult to protect. A runaway from a top-security psychiatric facility in upstate New York, he’s considered a danger to himself and others, and Reznick is powerless to stop shadowy senior hospital managers taking Jerry back by force. When FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein warns him off, Reznick ignores her advice, suspecting the Wittenden Institute is not what it seems.

Digging deeper into the hospital’s background—and that of its esteemed manager, Dr. Robert Gittinger—Reznick begins to unravel a sinister plot that will bring warzone black ops to American soil. And when his own life comes under threat, he discovers that Jerry is trapped in a web of high-level conspiracies more terrifying than anything he has ever encountered…


Jon Reznick is back and this time a former Delta Operator has come to him asking for his help. He turns him down at first but something in the back of his mind keeps nagging at him so he begins to look into his allegations. The more he digs the more people are now wanting Jon silenced, but he is now wondering if they have silenced his friend. The more I read I kept expecting what I read from the previous book, but sadly that never happened. For whatever reason, this book just did not have all of the drama and suspense like the other book and for that, it is a shame. Maybe it is just me or maybe it’s just a onetime deal, I can only hope. I will read this author again though. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com (

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