Seeking Mr. Wrong (Penelope Blue #3)

SEEKING MR. WRONG                                TAMARA MORGAN

Penelope Blue used to be one of the best jewel thieves in New York City-but that was before falling in love with FBI poster boy Grant Emerson. Now she works at his side, helping her former enemy catch her past-life colleagues, and she couldn't be happier.

If only Grant would remember to play by the rules.

Now he's gone undercover on a cruise ship full of hardened criminals. To keep him safe, Penelope must pretend they're nothing but strangers...while searching for an information broker desperately wanted by the FBI. While doing her darndest not to backslide and steal 20 million dollars' worth of diamonds from beneath the noses of the criminal elite. It's all Penelope can do to keep this mission afloat...

Good thing this cat burglar has plenty of lives to spare.


Former jewel thief Penelope Blue is married to FBI agent Grant Emerson. He was injured in his last assignment but someway somehow has gotten clearance to go on the next case which happens to be abroad a cruise ship. He thinks he has gotten one over on his wife, but no since she now works for the FBI now as well and he was not expecting her to be in the offices must lest assigned to the same case. Surprise for him she now works the white crimes division. They are after a criminal known as Johnny Francis. Grant is supposed to be going in as a high player in a card game with Penelope and her associates moving around gathering information. She also has to keep an eye on Grant for if he is found out he will literally be swimming with the fishes. She also does not like his chances at the card game having beaten him herself and then seeing some of the people who show up on the ship. Grant becomes upset when one of her former boyfriends slash partners in crime Riker, is there and starts to flirt with her. She must now shut him down but also get information from him and also somehow let Grant know he has nothing to be jealous over. The story is fast paced and keeps you going by who is the Francis person. You have many different characters but the way they are introduced you are able to keep track of them all. Along with Penelope and Grant, you have a very good story. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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