Softhearted (Deep in the Heart #2)

SOFTHEARTED                                            KIM LAW

Heather Lindsay loves falling in love—even though her blueprint for romance has failed her time and time (and time) again. But now that she’s signed on to design an outdoor-wedding venue for her friend’s home renovation show, Heather’s found a new focus: her career. Only it’s not long before she’s being distracted—by the hunkiest man who ever swaggered down the streets of Red Oak Falls.
The show’s new ranch manager, Waylon Peterson, a.k.a. Prince Harry in a cowboy hat, has every woman swooning. He’s also got a bad-boy rep that’s made him the hottest mess in town. In other words, he’s catnip for Heather, the Texan queen of bad choices. That’s why she’s steering clear—even with Waylon’s charm going full throttle.
Waylon is determined to trade one night stands for true love, but convincing Heather may be an impossible task. He’s ready to settle down, but can she get past her fear of settling and give love one more shot?
The second book in this series has the second sister putting on a wedding. She as always liked to plan weddings and work outdoors in the garden and doing landscapes. The one big problem that Heather Lindsey has is that she falls in love and then when the guy leaves her which always happens she is destroyed for more months than she likes to remember. She is feeling the pressure of wanting to do a bang-up job for the out-door wedding since it is also going to be on T.V. and with the added pressure she has put on herself, she becomes nervous when she meets a very attractive man. The type of man she would normally fall for. Allowing herself just to look everything for her become jumbled when the man, Weston Peterson also is the same man that her sister and soon to be brother in law hired to run their ranch. This means that she will have to be spending some time with him which she really wants to avoid. Preston has noticed Lindsey and has gone out of his way on the days she has come out to the ranch to be in her way. He finds her attractive and her wanting to avoid him only adds to him wanting to meet her. They both have scares from the past and when she overhears people talking about a love of his this only brings back her fears and her wanting to hide. See what happens and how her two sisters help her. A good story. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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