Alexis and Chris (Tales of the Nightie novella #1)

ALEXIS AND CHRIS                                     BARBRA CAMPBELL

Dr. Alexis Welsh, Assistant Professor of Criminalistics, has focused on establishing her career since high school. She’s done everything she’s been expected to do and earned the respect of her family and colleagues, but shouldn’t there be more to life than just work? Then, just before Valentine’s Day, a series of mysterious gifts with encrypted messages leads to the enticing possibility of a secret admirer.

For four long years, senior student Chris Locke has hidden his feelings for the smart and sexy professor. His time in the Air Force taught him discipline, but now that he’s just a few months away from college graduation, he’s ready to take a chance on making his feelings known. Will his advance be reciprocated once Alexis unravels the clues?

With Chris heading to California after graduation, are a few months of being together worth the risk? As professor and student, their relationship is forbidden, but once they share a kiss, can they deny their rising passions? Alexis has always let someone else direct her life. She’s followed all the rules. Maybe the time has come to start breaking them…


Dr. Alexis Welsh a Professor of criminalistics has been receiving secret clues, messages for weeks now and she is trying to place together who could be sending them. She is hoping that it is Chris Locke who is now a senior, and after four years of school she could have something with him. Plus he has been the only student she has met over the years that have done something to her. He spent 4 years in the Air Force before he began college. Chris has been patient but now with graduation only months away he wanted to let Dr. Welsh know how he has felt for her since the first time he has seen her. Now leaving clues leading up to Valentine’s Day has one left when he is caught, not with the clue but at her door. He asks her out for coffee and though she wants to go she is worried about her job. She wants to be with him also and then suggests a bar a few nights later. This is when the story gets turned up. She buys a wig and dresses differently. They leave and have a passion filled night. The problem is they both want more. Then when he finds out he won’t be leaving for California but staying she is looking at this as bad news. Can Chris find a way to make it work like he has for her outside of the college? Read the fast-paced, good story with some hot steamy scenes in the bedroom. A very good book. I received this book from NetGalley. com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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