Willful Depravity

WILLFUL DEPRAVITY                                INGRID HAHN

Giles Warrington Hale, Marquess of Ashcroft, was born to do two things. Paint and rut. But lately, nobody but Miss Patience Emery has inspired him. The moment he sees her, he knows he must paint her and have her-- anywhere and everywhere.

After a lifetime of trying to appear smaller, Patience no longer cares what anyone thinks. She’s resigned herself to a life having a man in her dreams only. But when the mysterious Lord Ashcroft approaches her with a chance to act on her bold, scandalous, and depraved desires, she suddenly sees her chance to indulge in every wicked fantasy she’s ever had...

Note: This erotic romance features a BBW heroine and a scandalous hero.


An old English story romance which I normally do not read. This though was not your normal book. Patience Emery is tired of people talking about her size and they have been doing it for years, now she is standing up for herself. After her give and take with some local girls. She has caught the eye of Giles Warrington Hale, Marquees of Ashcroft. He would like to paint her, but without any clothes and of course, he also makes it known to her that he is attracted to her. Later that night at a party in town he asks her to meet him in the library and you are given a taste as to part of this story when Giles shows her that he likes her nectar. This brings new confidence to Patience and leads the two of them to find time to be together. While all of this is happening you also have Giles father not liking that he is wasting his time as a painter, and not preparing to be a Duke. The father is mean and nasty especially when he finds the two of them together naked. He takes his verbal wrath on Patience first then his son. What happens next is despicable, but goes along with the story. Patience goes looking for Giles after some time especially when she finds out what had happened to him and it is not until Giles mother shows up that she is able to handle the Duke. This is a good story with very good characters that I think would fit the time period. I liked both of the two lead characters. The sex scenes are hot and add to the story. Overall a good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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