Love Uncovered

LOVE UNCOVERED                                     DIANE HOLIDAY

Free-spirited Maddie Cooper never considered settling down—until Scott Fisher. But when the DEA agent left her with a broken heart and no forwarding address, Maddie dug in deeper with her first love: archaeology.

Scott suffered a tragic loss while on assignment and gave up on all the things that brought light to his life, including Maddie. She deserves far better than the dark, dangerous world that consumes him. Staying away from her turns out easier said than done as the man he’s chasing leads him to Maddie’s latest work site. Her spitfire attitude and impulsive nature have a habit of getting her into trouble, and her latest stunt places her in grave danger.

After a devastating break-in at her artifacts storage facility, Maddie’s shocked when Scott is assigned to the case. As if his reappearance and the burglary aren’t enough, a ruthless developer has moved to town and tries to bribe Maddie to falsify a survey. She’s determined to bring the crooked man down without any help, least of all from her former lover. 

But with Maddie’s life on the line, Scott must win back the trust of the only woman he’s ever loved in order to save her before tragedy strikes again.


Maddie Cooper is enjoying her time working at finding artifacts for the Native American tribe she is helping in making a museum. Finding another aged piece and putting it in her storage locker males her feel a sense of accomplishment. This all fails when she thinks she sees a person from her past an ex who said he would call her. Never happened. Now when she finds out that is really is Scott Fisher she is not happy but wants to move on. Scott who still works for the DEA thought he would never see Maddie again. The assignment that took him away and ended up putting him further in a deep undercover would have been okay but it came away with nothing but only him losing. Her and someone else. It is that person who has made him go after not Maddie but Victor Mole, a drug cartel. It has also brought out a dark side of him that she had never seen. When the storage locker of artifacts, and her digging site both a broken into he now must think that someone is after her as well. What he does not know is that she is working at finding who did that crime as well. This makes for an exciting last half of the book and full of action. A very good story. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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