Replays, Rivalries, and Rumbles: The Most Iconic Moments in American Sports


What were the iconic sports moments of the last century? In Replays, Rivalries, and Rumbles, a team of sports aficionados climb onto their bar stools to address that never-solved but essential question. Triumphs and turning points, rivalries and record-setters ”each chapter tracks down the real story behind the epic moments and legendary careers sports fans love to debate. Topics include Abner Doubleday and the origins of baseball; the era-defining 1979 duel between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson; how Denver and Cleveland relive The Drive; the myths surrounding the Ali-Foreman Rumble in the Jungle; Billie Jean King's schooling of Bobby Riggs; the Miracle on Ice; and ESPN's conquest of the sports world. Filled with eye-opening lore and analysis, Replays, Rivalries, and Rumbles is an entertaining look at what we think we know about sports.


Most of the stories in this book people will know. Some people might not even care about. I, on the other hand, was a sports nerd during most of these events. One I thought through the author had more information about, was the Juan Marichal and Johnny Roseboro incident. The author goes into what else was brewing. With Marichal, he was worried about his family on the Dominic since the National Guard was sent down there in 1965. Roseboro was still dealing with the Watts riots since he lived right there and was dealing with the riots stills. That was interesting. Most of the other stories I thought they were all good, I really never got the whole Billy Jean King, Bobby Riggs match. The author speaks of the women’s movement, for me through my grandmother graduated College before women could vote, she received a certificate not a diploma and form before World War I until she passed, she felt women could do anything, my mother had two master degrees and worked, so really that tennis match I never got. The stories were good and the last one about the National Sports Daily was a fantastic paper. I still three copies of them because of the articles that were in different ones. They wrote about sports differently than regular papers or sports magazines, they gave you stats and most importantly the history of every sport. The history of football, hockey, basketball all of them. Because really baseball is the only the talks about and celebrates its past stars, football people only talk of the Super Bowl, and who is the greatest. When you have men like Sammy Baugh who played quarterback, defensive back with a career 31 passes that he intercepted, Don Hutson who had 488 receptions and intercepted 30 passes and was also a placekicker for extra points and for his first five tears in the league they did not even keep stats for interceptions. These are just two there are many, many more and that paper would give people the insight into the past as well as what was going on in the day. For a sports geek like myself at the time it was perfect and I was and still am disappointed that it is gone. Overall I thought this was a good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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