The Body Checker (Players on Ice #3)

THE BODY CHECKER                                 CATHRYN FOX

I’m the NHL’s toughest enforcer, the Body Checker, and I earned that title the hard way. I’m all about the game, a no attachment, no strings kind of guy, so when a puck bunny shows up at my door, shoves a pink bundle into my hands and drives off into the sunset, it turns my world upside down. I’m not cut out to be a family man. I know nothing about babies and I’m the last guy who should be taking care of one. But I do know someone who is equipped for the job—Quinn Reed, my best friend’s kid sister. Problem is, she kind of…hates me.

Jonah Long…a father? Move in and help take care of his daughter? Crazy as that sounds, I agree to the temporary arrangement, for the child’s sake. Problem is, living with the guy I’ve crushed on since forever, is messing with my body as well as my brain. And now, watching him grow as a man, seeing the bond between father and daughter build, I can’t help but want this family for myself. But we’re just playing house, and Jonah isn’t interested in making this ready-made family the real deal…right?


After a night of partying, Jonah opens his front door to a woman he barley remembers and is handed a small bundle. That bundle is a little baby girl that is four months old. Not knowing anything about babies he looks to his best friend for help and he calls his sister. Quinn Reed is Jonah’s best friend little sister and he thinks that she hates him well? Anyway she comes over and begins make over Jonah, and his house for the baby. What she did not expect is to end up living there and then and months being with him falling for him, she has had a crush on him forever. Likewise Jonah has liked her but has stayed away because of the bro code. Now this little 4 month old Daisy has thrown this man for a loop, or really checked him into the boards of life. The author keeps it real with diaper changing, getting up in the middle of the night, fever, which I thought was good for the story. Without giving away any more there are a few twists and I did not see those coming and these only added to this story. The characters are good even the one that is bad adds to the story. Worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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