The D.I.L.F.

THE D.I.L.F.                                                   AMY ANDREWS


I’ve had a crush on Stefanie, my best friend’s older sister, since I was fifteen. As a geeky gamer with a bad case of acne, she was totally out of my league. But I’m all grown up now, with a medical degree and an in-depth knowledge of female anatomy I’m not afraid to use. When we cross paths again I finally get my chance to live out a few teenage fantasies and prove I can be her guy. I just have to convince Stef to take a chance. 


As a resident nurse,I’ve had enough of arrogant doctors to last me a lifetime. I’m not looking for another. I’m especially not looking to hook up with my kid brother’s bestie—ten years my junior—even if he has morphed into a walking, talking, wet dream. If only he wasn’t sleeping in my spare bedroom for three weeks and making it very clear he wants to be in my bed instead. Not going to happen. I don’t do casual anymore. No matter how much I want to open my legs for the DILF.


What a fun hot sexy story. Owen is Stephanie’s younger brother best friend, he is also ten years younger. She has not seen him since one summer when she thinks all he did was stay inside and play video games. Now working as a nurse at St. Bart’s she is listening to the other nurses’ talk about the D.I.LF. When Owen’s named is mentioned she just replies no big deal he is staying with me for a few weeks and is my little brother’s best friend. She is also not wanting to date doctor’s since her last one cheated on her. Meeting Owen that night at the door is not the Owen she remembers, the man standing before her can have any girl, woman he wants. Owen’s problem is that he wants her and tells her that she shots him down from the start. Owen does not go down quietly and continually does things to rile her. It is not though until she sees him handle a code before other doctor’s get there that she decides to give in to his temptations. There were some out scenes before but now it really gets turned up especially when he comes out one morning and she is doing yoga, (downward dog). Now Owen is working on her and her issue with the age for he wants to be together forever, kids, house the works. She, on the other hand, thinks their age difference is too much. Read this good story to find out what happens. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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