He’s always been the one…

She’s always been just a friend! 

Grace Beverly spent years hopelessly in love with her best friend, Billy Austin. Now he’s back in Eagle’s Rest, Colorado, determined to provide the best life possible for his four-year-old daughter. He’s just not sure how. Helping Billy navigate the world of parenting is a one-way ticket back to heartache. Yet how can Grace say no to her oldest friend?


     I really enjoyed this story for so many reasons.   This author took so many individual insecurities and handled them beautifully. 
     With Grace being secretly in love with Bill her best friend for years but not using her voice to say what she feels not even asking for fashion tips even from her mom.  She continued to hide.
     All the while being there to be Billy’s sounding board through all his relationships.  When he was looking to be loved due to his background.  So, when they both meet the new girl in town, Tracy, of course, the model type he likes.  Their relationship blossoms.
     The next thing she knows three weeks after Tracy moves to Denver for a new job, Billy, a born cowboy does too.  That was the last straw for, Grace.  She knew this was her time to cut all ties with, Billy.  Therefore, all the times he calls over the next three years she never returns them.
     Now, Grace is home to do a long-term sub job as a pre-school teacher, at there grade school.  She has three more weeks then she goes back to Denver.  When the principal walks in at the end of the day and says she has a new student.  With her stand a very petite, blonde hair, big blue-eyed sweet girl.  She looks sad and lost.  She bends and asks her name.  When a deep voice that she would know anywhere says, Poppy.
     There stands her biggest crush and still the man judging by her emotions she can’t seem to get over.  There he stands with his lopsided grin.  And all I can say is “Billy.”  Then she proceeds to start showing Poppy around the room.
     From here things do get interesting you will enjoy the ride.  Poor Billy I have to say is clueless most of the time.  Like a lot of men not always tapped into the women in their lives.  Love Poppy and my heart break for too.  Love how Heather has things turn around for her.  And the talk Connie has with Grace was also very good.
     I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 

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