Taming the Troublemaker (The Hills of Texas Book 3)


Autry Hill may be a cowboy to his boots, but he’s also gained quite the reputation as a charmer and playboy. His parents aren’t sure he’s ready to take the reins of the family’s prosperous Texas ranch, so they set up a challenge: No women or scandal for the next six months and the ranch house he grew up in is his. Easy peasy, Autry thinks. He’s already tired of late nights and romancing, until elementary school teacher Beth Cooper happens to cross his path. Suddenly Autry is losing his heart, his mind, and what’s left of his reputation.

Good girl teacher Beth Cooper is far too practical to fall for Autry Hill, even if she had a crush on him way back when. The man’s been breaking hearts since middle school. But when he becomes her unexpected champion and then they work together to help one of Beth’s troubled students who’s about to lose everything, she sees a different side of Autry – serious, compassionate, determined and dedicated. And that Autry is nearly impossible to resist. Does she need to?


Aurty Hill has a reputation around town as not only as a troublemaker but also a ladies man. Just not the settling down type of man. His father and mother want to move into town and tell him if he can go for six months with no scandal that they will give him the ranch house. Which is what he has always wanted. Beth Cooper local school teacher and the all-around good girl ends up in the same bar as Autry, talking to her sisters. She is also not surprised when someone socks Aurty in the month. She is surprised that he did not hit back. Not paying attention to her sisters she leaves only to get into the wrong truck. When she gets in her own truck she has forgotten her purse in the other truck. Wanting she sees Autry walking out and he is walking closer and closer to finally he is at the first truck she entered. Now telling him the story he thinks it’s funny and lets her know that he has always seen her even back in school, that she is pretty. After he kisses her she feels it but does not let it go to her head. When a few days pass he is driving into town during a rainstorm only to see someone almost going in the river. Saving her and some animal in a cage. She is beginning to see him differently. Especially after the fight in the middle of town. His family does not give him any credit, but time and time again throughout the story Beth is always on his side. When it matters most though like most guys she walks because he won’t say the words she needs to hear. There is so much that I left out that you must read this book to see if he can figure out how to speak around her or will he let her go. A very good story, I really liked all of the characters and Dylan really adds to the book. A very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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