The Playmaker (Players on Ice #1)

THE PLAYMAKER                                   CATHRYN FOX


My only goal is to heal from this concussion and get back on the ice—until Nina Callaghan shows up at my door asking for hockey lessons. She’s my best friend’s kid sister, which puts her in the hands-off zone, so I used to tease her without mercy—the ballerina on ice—until a knee injury grounded her. But little Nina is all grown up now, and wants something from me, and I sure as hell want something back. Now it's game on, and I'm pulling out all the plays. 


Asking my old nemesis for a favor is the last thing I want to do, but when my editor charges me with writing a romantic series about hot hockey players, I have no choice but to turn to Cocky Cole Cannon, and he didn’t earn that handle from flashing his infamous grin. When he agrees to teach me, little did I know he’d have a hidden agenda. I want to say no, but when the Playmaker introduces me to his off-ice moves, the only word on my lips is yes. 


No way can I fall for the girl I’ve been crushing on since…forever. Not only will her brother kill me, we don't belong in each other’s world. I should have kept things in the neutral zone, but when one sweet taste becomes a game changer, I fear it could uncover everything I spent years hiding and destroy Nina right along with it.


Nina Callaghan has written several romance books. Now her editor wants on hockey. Even though her brother is a hockey star she knows nothing about the game. She grew up on the ice but as a figure skater, and had a terrible accident that ruined her career. Now trying to figure out what to do she decides to go to Cole Cannon house since he is home because of an injury a concussion. Cole had spent many a day and night at her house and she thought he was teasing her all the time, now going to him and his playboy ways for help is the last thing she wanted to do. Once there she realizes that he has not been taking care of himself, and begins to cook healthier meals except for his cereal. She is also finding out some things about herself and that he is easy to talk to. Later they find they have a connection in and out of the bedroom as well. Later when the brother finds out he is okay with it. The problem comes because he has never told her about his and his twin sister father, so when she brings him to the house Cole goes ballistic and Nina leaves. Realizing he massively screwed up he must come up with some way to apologize to get her back. A very good book with very good characters. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars follow us at

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