Dangerous Beauty (Dangerous Beauty #1)

DANGEROUS BEAUTY                           J.T. GEISSINGER

For Nasir, former Special Ops military man and bodyguard, his new job seems like an easy-money gig: trail a Russian mobster’s runaway wife in Mexico, enjoy the sun, observe, and report. Just one rule: don’t get too close. But it’s all Naz can do not to watch the alluring dancer’s every move. A closer look is irresistible—especially when she’s in trouble.

Evalina escaped to the island getaway to live an untraceable life—as far away from the past as she can get. But Eva can’t ignore the dark, muscled stud who rescues her from a drug gang. He says he’s an ex-cop on vacation. When providence throws them together time and again, Eva thinks it’s all a beautiful coincidence. Now she’s giving in to a strange new sensation: trust.

But Naz has a mission to accomplish and a secret to keep. Eva has her share of secrets, too. And as the heat flares between them, Naz knows that trust could become the most dangerous impulse of all.


First, let me say that the ending has a cliff hanger, I don’t like to mention anything about endings but I read so many books that a lot of times I forget when the next book is coming out. That being said I was taken with this story from the very beginning. Eva has gotten away from her rich captive and is now in Mexico. She is going through the streets but she knows someone is following her. Enter Nasir, former Spec Ops, and bodyguard. He is now working at protecting her. He is supposed to be following her and reporting back to the man who hired them. Problem one she is walking into danger by going into the wrong area. Now he comes in to save her without it looking like he was following her. Problem two, three and four he begins to fall for her. He enjoys showing up where she will be. Then he finds other things about her and they begin to fall for each other. When he finds out that the reason that they were hired were false, the company takes them both away. Finally thinking maybe everything will work out for her and him. No one afternoon they are attacked by the man who hired them. Nasir ends up in the hospital and after she knows he will make it while she is talking to him he gets the feeling that she is saying goodbye. Bingo, he got it well maybe in the next book he will because you don’t get that part it just ends. You do know the deal she made, but in the other books by this author book 1 really just means the 1st book in the series, not a cliffhanger. This is my hang-up and it bothers me to no end for as much as I like reading her I would have skipped this book. Now people must purchase the second book in order to find out what happens if they remember. I liked the story and the characters, but ugh. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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