THE WEDDING WISH (Summer Grooms #3)

THE WEDDING WISH                       GINNY BAIRD

A sweet romantic comedy about finding love with the one you've always wanted.
Two old childhood sweethearts meet again years later and rekindle their romance.

Dare to dream... Sometimes dreams come true!

Robert Reed was the first man Isabel dreamed she would marry. He was also the first guy to break her heart. Of course, they'd both been kids at the time, and Robert couldn't help that his family moved away. Sixteen years later, Isabel is stunned to see Robert strolling across the university campus where she's studying for her Masters in Art. Robert's equally surprised to see her. All grown up and in his second year of medical school, drop-dead gorgeous Robert has every bit the ability to tug at Isabel's heartstrings that he did all those years ago. As they rekindle their friendship, old feelings resurface and Isabel finds herself getting swept away. But what she doesn't know about Robert's past can hurt her, and his secret threatens to drive them apart.

When Robert sees Isabel Miller for the first time in years, he can't believe the incredible déjà vu. As an adult woman, she's even more beautiful than he recalls, but her personality and sweet southern accent are just as winning as they've always been. When Robert starts falling fast, he has to work extra hard to resolve some external complications. For there's nobody he wants staying in his life more than Isabel. She's the first girl that he loved, and someone he vowed long ago to hold on to forever. If it's possible the fates can grant him a second chance, Robert's determined to take it. All he needs is for Isabel to believe that love can come again. And when it does, and it's the mature kind, anything is possible for two old childhood sweethearts meeting in the heat of summer.


     This was in a way a second chance love for Isabel Miller and Robert Reed.  Because at the sweet age of twelve and thirteen, the two young teen neighbors fell head over heels in love with each other.
     Then, Robert’s dad’s job took him elsewhere and it meant Robert went too.  Now sixteen years later they bump into each other in the quad at their college.  Once he picks up her books and they make eye contact they both realize who the other is.
     Isabel is an art major and he is a medical student second year.  They become inseparable after weeks and weeks of what felt like dates to Izzy.  Robert still hadn’t kissed her.  She began to wonder if something was going on.
     When she finally asks him if there is a problem, he is stalling on what all is going on in his life.  Especially, since they had last seen each other all those years ago.  This is when things started to not add up.
     This has some really funny moments.  The characters are all true and lively.  The banter the dad does is too funny.  What Robert reveals at the end is heartbreaking.
     I give this: 5 stars.  Found on Amazon.  Follow us at

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