Lachlan and Gypsy (Tales of the Nightie Book 2)

LACHLAN AND GYSPY                          BARBRA CAMPBELL

Lachlan is a successful doctor up for promotion. After getting dumped by his long-term girlfriend, he focuses on the one thing he can control...his career. 
Gypsy's a free-spirited photographer who moves every couple years to keep life exciting. When she sees Lachlan cuddling a sick puppy at the vet, she immediately falls in love with both of them. 
She tries to get close to him by volunteering to take photos of his bagpipe band, and Lachlan fights his illogical attraction to her. He doesn't need his heart ripped out again, but next thing he knows, she's learning to play the drums and securing a position in his life, at least until she moves again. 
The tension between Gypsy and Lachlan escalates until their friends trick them into an evening alone together. Good thing she's wearing her lucky green underwear, because she needs all the help she can get with this broody, kilt-wearing Scot.


This is the second book in the series from this author. The stories are fast but she does make the characters all come alive. Gypsy is a photographer and a free spirit. Lachlan is a doctor and is more of a planner and a little stressful at times. He was also dumped by his girlfriend of seven years but really seven years and not down the aisle dude, but this freaks him out. Well, enter Gypsy a fresh gush of wind that comes in and knocks your socks off. You definitely know when she is around and she can make people smile and piss off Lachlan because she messes with his plans, timetables and such. But they are still attracted to one another and this makes for a good story. My only complete if you don’t find out when she made the purchase from the women from the very beginning of the book, minor. Would have been nice if they would have known about her losing her parents and not just him losing his father, both are traumatic. Each handles the pain differently. Gypsy character really made the story for me and have been to Moab and the surrounding areas I was able to relate to her camping their which made the story better for me. Overall a good book once again with good characters. I gave this book 4 stars. Follow us

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