You're the One (Reckoning on Ice #1)

YOU'RE THE ONE                                   LIA JORDAN

With just one puck, my life went from complicated to damn near perfect

I’ve had my fair share of bad nights and the anniversary of my sister’s murder is always one of them. Every year, I just pray for something to take the pain away and help me forget. This year, my prayer was answered.

It’s opening game night and the antidote to my pain just stepped onto the ice: An angel with long brunette locks and crystal blue eyes, picked from the crowd to try to score on me, the goalie. The second I lay eyes on her, I’m determined to have her. I’ll even let the puck past me; let her score now just so I’ll be the one who ends up scoring later. Once that puck hits the net, I’m hooked. She shows me there’s more to life than I’ve ever known, but all good things come to an end and I never saw this one coming…

Can I let go of my past so I can have her and her daughter in my future?


This was a different hockey book for me. Most of the stories do have some scenes on the ice this not so much. In this one, Trevor is having a rough time on the anniversary of his sister’s murder. It is so bad that he has been drinking way too much and is a jerk. Before that, they have a contest with some people from the crowd who have been selected for a chance to win $5,000 if they can get the puck by Trevor. It is here that he meets Lauren and he lets her win. When she goes to thank him later she hears him say some unflattering words about her and she leaves. He feels guilty the next few days and starts making amends. The two of them slowly build a relationship and then her daughter Chloe begins to fall for him as well. When everything is looking up for them something happens that makes him leave without a word and now when he realizes his mistake he does not know if she will take him back because it has been over a month. An interesting story with different storylines but the author makes it work. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars Follow us at

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