Crossing The Line: An Atlanta Edge Hockey Romance Novel

CROSSING THE LINE                            CARLA SWAFFORD

Atlanta Edge's hottest Russian hockey star made a big mistake. Now he must find a way to apologize big time to the girl he left behind in the States.

I've been a puck bunny most of my life. So when Roman Volkov, up and coming hockey star with the Atlanta Edge, takes me home and treats me like a queen, I believe I've found the man I can love. Then one morning, I wake to the news that Roman has left me behind while he plays in Russia. His agent takes pleasure in kicking me out of Roman's house. I don't believe anything the sleazy man says. Roman is good to me. No way will he treat me like this. So I go in search for the truth and I discover so much more.

I'm suffocating on the third line when the season ends. So when I get a call from Russia in the middle of the night to participate in a high-profile tournament, I go for it. I'm certain a gold medal will launch me into the top line with my team back in the States. No sooner than I arrive, I call Kitty Summerville to explain why I left without waking her. She's not answering. Has my ambition destroyed any chance of a future with her? When I return, my sexy kitten and I will have a long conversation.

Only, I want to know why is she living with my Coach, and his wife and family?


There is a lot going on in this book. First Roman and Kitty are together and Kitty has always attached herself to professional sportsmen. Mostly like her mother. When hockey season is over Roman leaves for Russia but does not tell, he leaves a note which she does not see. When his agent shows up at his place the next day he kicks her out and with nowhere to go she goes to the team to look for Roman. Later she ends up living with the coach and cooking for them it is there that she finds out that she is the coach’s daughter, she also tells them she cannot read and then when Roman comes back from Russia he left with choices. To date her for real, let her go and walk away. He must choose. Now at times I liked this story but at other times not so much. Yes, the sex scenes are hot but that is not the reason to be together that is just one. The characters are all good. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us

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