Sweet Tea & Second Chances (Lovebird Café #1)


There’s a legend surrounding The Lovebird Café… those who meet and fall in love there end up together forever. But up-and-coming chef Cassiopeia Belmont doesn’t have time for small-town lore. She’s got one thing on her mind: getting in and out of Swallow Springs, Missouri before the dust settles. If she can sell the farmhouse her grandparents left her, she’ll have enough cash to invest in her own high-profile restaurant in Dallas and finally put down the roots she so desperately craves.

Contractor Robbie Jordan thought he’d put his childhood sweetheart behind him. But when Cassie shows up, he can’t help but remember what they used to have and how she made him feel.

When Cassie hires Robbie to perform the renovations on the house, memories from the past rise to the surface and muck up their current plans. But is a second chance worth taking if they haven’t learned from their past mistakes?

Snag your copy of Sweet Tea & Second Chances today and relax into Swallow Springs, Missouri, where a cocky rooster rules the roost and all of life's problems can be solved while sipping on a nice cold glass of sweet tea.


This story is about second chances. Cassie has come home for the summer with the hope of fixing up her grandmother’s home and selling it. With the money, she is hoping to make from the sell she wants to use that as an investment in a new restaurant. She is a chief and she is looking at this as her opportunity also to be part owner. The person she ends up hiring for the remodel is her former boyfriend Robbie. Robbie is still in love with her and does not understand all of her rushes to do the remodel and leave town without giving them another chance or even thinking about the closed down café in town where she would be her own boss. There are issues with other people in their lives but neither one is really serious though Cassie thinks she is. Also, there are letters from nine years ago that neither one has talked about. Then there is his father who really makes everything a mess from the past. This turns out to be a good story and I did end up liking the characters. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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