The Life Monaco Grand Prix


Monaco sponsored its first race in 1929 and the circuit has been part of the Formula 1 series since 1950. Conducted with the patronage of Monaco’s royal family, its beautiful street-circuit has made Monaco the most glamorous setting of any F1 race. But the classic architecture and high-profile spectators belie a course notorious for its complexity and challenges. With no safety barriers until 1969, drivers have twice plunged into the harbor among the spectating yachts.

Off the circuit, Monaco is a 24-hour spectacle of expensive boatshigh-profile partiescelebrity F1 fans, penthouse spectating, and high-roller lifestyle. From the Monte Carlo casino (integral to numerous James Bond films) to top clubs like Amber Lounge, Jimmy’z, and The Black Lounge to F1 racers’luxury homes to the takeoffs and landings of countless private jets, Monaco represents the epitome of the jet-setting lifestyle long associated with the F1 circus.

From the first Grand Prix in 1929 to today's star-studded event, The Life Monaco Grand Prix takes the reader on a full lap of this prestigious race. 


A book about the Grand Prix of Monaco. That is what I thought. The beginning of the book talking about the history of Monaco was ok because then the author went into the first race of 1929 and the races until WWII stopped them. They would pick up again after and by 1948 they would start racing again. They also began coming up with rules for the cars 1.5-liter supercharged engines, no larger than 4.5. They did skip a few years in the fifties but by the mid-fifties, it has been going on since. The part I like the most or the book was the one about the different drivers. Moss, Hill, Clark, Stewart, Braham, Rindt, Prost, Schumacher, Senna who posted the fastest time. I do wish he would have gone into more of the drivers like Nikki Lauda, and others. I have been following F-1 since 1970 and through the first part of the book was good the last part did not hold my attention. With parties nightlife, and other stories I did not get into that part. The racing part is what I enjoyed about this book. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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