What Matters More

WHAT MATTERS MORE                        LIORA BLAKE

JT Maxwell has it all . . . well, almost. He's a US Marshal, he looks like he belongs in an aftershave commercial, and he has tattoos—lots of tattoos. Unfortunately, he's also in debt up to his pretty blue eyeballs. Between that and his recent divorce, his personal life is nonexistent these days. But when a free-spirited artist approaches him for a no-strings-attached one-night stand, things suddenly start looking up.

Anya Alves's life is a mess. She's lost her job, caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and if it weren't for the house-sitting gig she just landed, she'd be homeless. On top of all that, her creative muse has up and disappeared. If she doesn't get it back, her burgeoning career as an artist will be over before it starts. But after indulging in a steamy hook-up with a guy who makes it easy to forget her troubles, she gets her mojo back.

The last thing she expects when starting her house-sitting job is to see her sexy one-night stand again . . . living right across the street.


J. T. Maxwell is a U.S. Marshall and a very good one. He is not having a good personal life. At the age of 32, he is living in his parent’s basement since his divorce, and he cannot get out from under the bills that keep coming in. the biggest one is the house which his ex is supposed to sell but so far has not accepted any of the bids. So what he has done is put all of his energy into capturing fugitives. Anya Alves is a painter the kind that shows their work in galleries or that is their goal. She also is wanting to sell some of her work. That all would be good except for the fact that she walked in on her current boyfriend doing his T.A. in her studio on her table, and no they were not being models for the day. The boyfriend or now ex was being an SOB and whatever else you want to call him. On top of that, he decided to criticize her work on the way out. So the two of them are having self-esteem issues. That is until they meet in a bar. That whole scene is perfect for she finds out that he is a Marshall in is nice demeanor, (not). Yet she stills wants to be with him. In the morning she is gone and you think that is it until he arrives back at his parents and there she is across the street house sitting. Everything goes well for the summer until it is almost time for her to leave and he tells her what every woman wants to hear, those three little words. For though she runs again and as much as he wants to go after her he is tired of chasing people plus he just got a promotion. He does call but she does not pick up and you begin to wonder what will happen? Read this good book to find out. I received this book fromNetgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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