A chance with her favorite hockey player seems too good to be true for Alexandria, but she’s not about to pass it up. She’s used to pursuing what she wants and getting it, but Eric doesn’t fall at her feet.

Eric’s successful on the ice and off, but every move he makes seems to go wrong with the beautiful and talented ballerina, Alex. He’ll have to brush off embarrassment after he botches their first date. And he’ll have to apologize for messing up their second one. Failure isn’t something he experiences very often.

Each of them is used to being the center of attention, but something has to give for both of their egos to fit in one room.

Fast and sexy with a guaranteed HEA/HFN.


     Two powerhouses not used to take backseats.  One or both will have to meet in the middle.
     Eric is a hockey golden boy.  Just happens to get injured while playing.  Alex, while waiting with her sister, Sam, so she can meet Eric’s brother, Connor.  She gets to meet her fangirl crush, Eric.  While Sam drooled over her crush Connor.  When the guys deemed them not crazy, they took them home.
     Eric’s ride home was beyond enjoyable and he felt an instant connection.  There was also an overwhelming feeling of possessiveness.  He took two pain killers with a beer chaser and went to his room to get his, massage, from Alex.
     He felt so relaxed during it and again that feeling of she’s mine.  But before he knew it he must have fallen asleep because she is hauling herself off his back.  He’s jarred awake by her motion.  Which causes him a sharp pain at his side as he moves fast to check on her.  He finally sits up at the point only to hear the front door slamming. 
     She was mad but she was the one who threw herself at Eric.  Willing to do a one and done but only on her terms.  Go through more dates as they try to figure out how to live in each other’s lives. 
     Will they be able to put their egos aside to deal with the feelings they may have for one another?  A steamy read for sure.  Short read only 59 pages.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by the author.  Follow us at

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