In the Swim of Things


Ocean-loving Kyra Goodwin had to give up her dream of becoming the female Jacques Cousteau in order to take care of her father and brother, but being a mermaid at the Cape Cod Aquarium is pretty fintastic as far as alternative careers go. 

Of course, life as a half-fish/half-woman isn’t all sunken treasure and Ariel twirls. Kyra has to deal with perpetually pruney fingers, eyes irritated by saltwater, and bratty kids on the daily, plus her glam alter ego can make dating really weird. (So many men have pervy siren-of-the-sea fantasies!) When she meets hunky surfer Cade, and he’s into her without knowing what she does for a living, Kyra thinks she’s finally won the romance lottery. 

Unfortunately, Kyra’s plans for a carefree summer of catching waves with her new boyfriend run aground when Sea Star Beach, a place that holds great sentimental value for her, is taken over by a big-city developer who wants to build an exclusive resort. Kyra’s crusade to save her beloved beach threatens both her job and her relationship with Cade as does her growing closeness with her irresistibly broody merwrangler, Declan, whose precocious daughter is intent on playing matchmaker. 

When a new family drama arises just as Kyra receives an offer that would turn her greatest desire into reality, she’s torn. Will she do what’s expected of her, or dive in and follow her heart?


Kyra has changed her plans over the years, wanting to be a marine biologist, the female version of Jacques Cousteau. She now has taken over looking after her father and brother since her mother has died. She has also been working at the local aquarium and is now the head mermaid. This summer though there are changes coming her way. A new hotel is being built on the beach that is important to her and to her community, but now this corporation is saying that the beach will be private for their guests only. This is the beach where her mother took her when she was a little girl and where she first fell in love with the ocean. She does not want it to go away. Her best friend Gina is changing and she does not know why and this also makes her angry. She falls for a surfer dude Cade who she can’t believe is to go to be true and of course, he disappoints her eventually. Throughout her aquatic turmoil’s she is still wanting to find her happiness. Maybe she is looking for it in all of the wrong places and her happiness is right in her arms she just doesn’t know it yet. See what happens between Kyra, Cade and the Declan the man who helps in and out of the water. Will she win her fight against the big hotel? That also will be revealed. Her friend and roommate Gina was a bit much after a while and I would have dumped her in the ocean, but I know you need someone to bang on. Overall this was a fun book and the characters were good. Worth the read. Received this book from the author. Gave it 4stars. Follow us

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