Suddenly Mine

SUDDENLY MINE                                   SAMANTHA CHASE

Christian Montgomery is burnt out. The family business is his entire world, and Christian has never stopped trying to atone for a mistake made years ago. His only break from grueling work is sitting on his beachfront deck, watching the California surfers, and wishing he could be that carefree.

Sophie Bennington was happy living in her small Kansas hometown…until she learned her entire life was a lie. So she hightailed it to the West coast, where she loves to surf, even though she’s no good at it, and she’s hoping to start a new career.

A chance encounter shows Christian and Sophie that no matter what happened in the past, the future is bright and new…but only if you have the courage to open your heart…


An interesting story about two people who are trying to find themselves. Christian still has not gotten over everything that happened in London and the reason he is now in San Diego. Though still working for the family business he still feels lost. Every morning though he watches the surfers and a few weeks ago a young woman showed up. Not very good she is there every morning giving it a chance. Sophie Bennington has left Kansas after she found out that what she thought about her life, childhood and what happened to her parents when she was small. Has now been turned upside down when she received a letter from the man she thought was dead, her father. In California, she has taken up surfing because of the other activities she has tried she has failed. She is hoping to succeed and to get a call back on any of her job applications. Weeks go by and she ends up meeting Christian by chance on the beach, then a few days later she is looking to be hired temporary at his company when he has a panic attack. She is face to face with the man once again. This would put them in contact for months and later they would start dating. He would blow up everything when she came to the office one night wanting him to leave for it was 9:00 at night and he said some things that he could not take back. Because once he went looking for her she was gone. Now he had to look for her if he really wanted her back and the only person left to talk to was her grandmother. See how this all turns out. this was a very powerful story with wonderful characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars Follow us 

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