Wisdom From a Father: One dad's thoughts on life


Wisdom From a Father is a reflective look at life, segmented into chapters. The words are updates of posts made on his blog, wisdomfromafather.wordpress.com. The 52 essay chapters include reflections on life, love, and family. All are written from the heart, sometimes seriously and sometimes with a touch of humor.


Wisdom from a Father is a wonderful book. The author takes you through 52 days of his thoughts some funny some thoughtful. Starting off with the loss of his wife to cancer he still talks to her in his blog, wondering what she would say or do. How his life has changed since her passing and how it has not. I liked how not every tidbit was full of meaning that some were just fun thoughts that we all may have throughout any day. I also felt like this was written by just a man, not someone who was trying to push anything accept sharing his healing from loss. The author asked me to read this book and though I agreed I actually put it off until my wife reminded me that I agreed. You see I was in my own grief having lost our daughter a year ago who was 39 and when I went back to this book I was able to see it with an open mind and let my own healing begin. You may not find every day something you relate to but you can find something. I really enjoyed his thoughts on expiration dates for I have that same discussion with my youngest daughter and wife, it made me smile that other men had the same thought. This book may not be for all but for those who have lost someone or know who have lost someone, this may help. I received this book from the author. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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