The Cowboy’s Contract Marriage (Grant Brothers #2)


Jonah Grant wants to make his own mark on the world. As a horse breeder starting his business from scratch, he hasn’t had the easiest road. But he might have finally caught a break in the form of two beautiful studs for sale that would be perfect for his stock. The problem is Jonah doesn’t have the funds or any means of getting them—until an old friend shows up with a proposition. 

Virginia Leeland wants to build something of her own. The daughter of a traditional family, she refuses to stand behind a husband...she wants to stand on her own two feet. Still, she’ll take advantage of the money bequeathed to her by her grandmother and use it to buy Jonah’s beautiful old barn to host weddings in. The funds, however, are only available upon her marriage, so it’s a good thing she’s engaged. 

But when Virginia catches her no-good, cheating fiancé, well, cheating on her, the marriage plans dry up, along with the funds for her business, and Jonah’s plans for expansion. The situation seems hopeless. That is until Virginia has a champagne-fueled epiphany: she and Jonah can marry. In name only, of course. 

But when their agreement becomes more than simply a marriage by name, their passion creates all types of entanglements: the enjoyable kind, as well as the more permanent sort. In the end, Virginia and Jonah will need to decide if they still only care about their business goals…or if the chance at love is what will really make their dreams come true. 


The second book in the Grant Brothers series. This has Jonah having a meeting with his longtime friend Virginia. The two of them grew up together. Now finding out that she would like to buy/ rent the old barn on his property and use it for destination weddings, is a shock. Why would anyone want to get married in the old barn? After listening to her offer he agrees. Now when she comes back much later she is drinking much champagne and tells Jonah that the deal is off. Her fiancé ran off and so there for her inheritance from her grandmother she thought she was going to receive she is not. She has to be married and that does not look like it is happening. Jonah has already committed himself to that money. Being a horse breeder he saw this as an opportunity to grow his business. Everything is falling apart and he comes up with the idea that they should get married. After some thought, they are at the courthouse and are Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Grant. The problem will be can they stay married or even want to. This is a funny book at times but also one with feelings and emotions. A very good story with two strong lead characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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