The Cowboy’s Surprise Nanny (Grant Brothers #1)


Ian Grant isn’t a man who accepts help easily. After promising his young son that he could participate in the strawberry festival, and then missing the admittance deadline, Ian’s in a bind and forced to ask the mayor for a favor. The mayor agrees, on one condition: his niece has run into hard times and needs a safe place to stay: Ian’s place to stay. She’s great with kids and Ian needs someone to look after his rambunctious son Andy while he ranches. Ian agrees, expecting some college-aged girl who’d flunked Algebra. Instead, he finds a full-grown woman—a beautiful and sassy one to boot. 

Katie Rylie has always dreamed of helping others by teaching them to cook. Her online persona was thriving—until a scandal with her forthcoming cookbook rocked her career. Not only did she have to pay back the entire advance, but her once-loyal fan base has turned against her. Defeated and with nowhere to go, Katie feels it’s better to hide out in the country until she can get her life back together. The offer of a free home, an open range, and a wily six-year-old to focus on sounds like just the escape she needs. 

When Andy’s diet restrictions force Katie to become creative in the kitchen, she finds herself drawn back into the food world, just as she’s falling in love with Ian and Andy. But Ian, who likes having control of everything, doesn’t know how to ask Katie to become a permanent part of their lives. 

If their love is ever going to work, Ian and Katie will need to learn that having it all doesn’t mean giving anything up. 


Ian Grant is a man on a mission. He goes to the mayor wanting to get his son entered into the Strawberry festival. Andy his son has many different food allergies and was in the hospital during the registration. Being a single parent is not what is thought would happen after he married his high school sweetheart. Now running the ranch he is working at making Andy his number one. The mayor though asks Ian for a favor as well. His niece has hit a rough patch and would like it if Ian could take her on as a nanny. He agrees. Katie Rylie had always wanted to cook and was on that track until the cookbook she was writing fell apart. Now looking at finding herself again she is at a ranch in Texas being a nanny. The good thing is she and Andy have bounded before Ian has come in from working. She already knows about his allergies and surprise that was what her cookbook was about. Wanting to fire her after he finds out some information about he does not when she comes clean. No, he waits to fire her after she has been there for a while and not only does Andy like her but so does Ian. Now she has made it big he is in the dog house once again with his son for the Strawberry festival was the one thing Katie was helping Andy with until Ian fired her. Will she come back for the festival? Will Ian make everything right? Read this wonderful story to find out. I really liked that this story dealt with children with food allergies and how the kitchen and items being used when cooking need to be different than others, along with the workspace. A lot of times people neglect that part and the author was very thorough. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow was at

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