Defending Harlow (Mountain Mercenaries #4)

DEFENDING HARLOW                          SUSAN STOKER

Lowell “Black” Lockard, former Navy SEAL, has watched his fellow Mountain Mercenaries settle down with the women of their dreams, but he’s convinced he doesn’t need love. Then he gets a call from Harlow Reese—a chef at a local women’s shelter—and begins to reconsider his decision.
After being continually harassed by a local band of punks, Harlow asks Lowell to give the women of the shelter lessons in self-defense. She doesn’t expect him to take such a special interest in her safety, but he insists on escorting her to and from work, never taking no for an answer. Not that Harlow minds the personal touch…especially when it’s coming from her former teenage crush.
Despite her long history of bad dating luck, seeing Black again makes Harlow rethink her self-imposed celibacy. Easy on the eyes and hard to forget, the man has morphed into an alpha stud. And Harlow may be exactly the type of woman Black is looking for. Making her feel safe isn’t only a duty; it’s a pleasure. But the threats are escalating. The motives are a mystery. And as the danger burns almost as hot as their passion, there’s much more at risk than their hearts.
Book 4 in the series has not one woman is in need of help like the other books but a woman’s shelter needing their help. One of the women the chief Harlow Reese had seen Lowell Blackwell at his gun range. What Lowell doesn’t know is that she remembers him from high school. She was a few years behind him. When she asks for his help he has known problem jumping in then he brings in the team to find out why the shelter is being targeted like they are. Harlow and Lowell want to be together but at the same time, Lowell does not want to lose focus of the job at hand. He also is getting upset with their boss because he feels that he is letting them down as far as who could be behind these attacks. Especially after a fire starts. What was also different about this book was that Harlow told him about all of her bad sates and that she did not want to go on dates with him. He agreed and yet she did not realize that all of the different places that he took her were actually dates. This whole story was different than the other books and I really liked it and it still had action and the same characters from the other books. This is a very good book with a very good storyline. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars Follow us at

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