The Shores of Tripoli (Bliven Putnam Naval Adventure #1)


It is 1801 and President Thomas Jefferson has assembled a deep-water navy to fight the growing threat of piracy, as American civilians are regularly kidnapped by Islamist brigands and held for ransom, enslaved, or killed, all at their captors’ whim. The Berber States of North Africa, especially Tripoli, claimed their faith gave them the right to pillage anyone who did not submit to their religion.

Young Bliven Putnam, the great-nephew of Revolutionary War hero Israel Putnam, is bound for the Mediterranean and a desperate battle with the pirate ship Tripoli. He later returns under legendary Commodore Edward Preble on the Constitution, and marches across the Libyan desert with General Eaton to assault Derna—discovering the lessons he learns about war, and life, are not what he expected.

Rich with historical detail and cracking with high-wire action, The Shores of Tripoli brings this amazing period in American history to life with brilliant clarity.


This is a historical fiction book about the time when President Jefferson sent the Marines to Tripoli with the Navy to send a message to the pirates of that area that the U.S.A. will not bow down to their demands and their consent taking of ships. I found this to be a very fast read. Though this was a very good book and the characters were all well developed. One must also remember that this was the first that the Stars and Stripes flew on foreign sole, hence the Marine Corps hymn “from the shores of Tripoli”. Also that this little war was from 1801 to 1805. This book is good at giving a look at a forgotten piece of history and I enjoyed reading as an adult but would have loved it back when I was reading pirate stories. A good read. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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