Unsuitable (Forbidden Cove #1)

UNSUITABLE                                           LAVINIA KENT

Jordan Robinson knows firsthand that when a woman marries a rich older man, people are going to talk. But now, with her husband gone, Jordan lives a quiet life of seclusion, managing her charities and staying away from the limelight. Then everything changes after an unexpected kiss leads to the best sex of her life—and a secret affair Jordan never wants to end.

A sexy young mogul who’s used to getting what he wants, Clay has wanted Jordan Robinson ever since he was seventeen and saw her emerge dripping from a swimming pool in a white bikini. But now he’s all grown up . . . and now she’s his. But when their relationship is exposed, the fallout is devastating. Yet Clay’s a man in his prime—and Jordan’s a woman worth fighting for. They may have started as a fling, but Jordan Robinson belongs in his bed, in his life . . . and forever in his heart.


The book opens with Jordan Robinson who is now a widow and in her late thirties, at a function with people she has not seen since her husband’s death. A woman who was much younger than her husband he left well off but she is not looking for anyone. Her friend told her she needed to get out of the house. Here she runs into Clay. A younger man who she is attracted to and likes that he is flirting with her but she is not wanting to take it any further. Her mind and body cannot get this man out of her and so weeks later when she is in the city and they happen to be in the same building, they respond to each other and end up in a 5-star hotel. The next morning wanting leave she is looking at the young man and realizes that she actually remembers him from ten years ago. Coming to their house swimming with her stepdaughter and taking her to the prom. Panicking she tries to leave without making a sound only to fail. He is unable to stop her. He is later able to talk to her and tell her the way he feels about her and has been feeling about her for a long time. It is up to her to allow herself to be with him or not. I found this book to be very good with a few twists. Like with the stepdaughter, and the conflict that Jordan has wondered if she should be happy after taking care of her husband, all things people go through. Yes, there are sex scenes but they go with the story. Overall a very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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