A Highlander Walks into a Bar (Highland, Georgia #1)


Isabel Buchanan is fiery, funny, and never at a loss for words. But she is struck speechless when her mother returns from a trip to Scotland with a six-foot-tall, very handsome souvenir. Izzy’s mother is so infatuated by the fellow that Izzy has to plan their annual Highland Games all by herself. Well, not completely by herself. The Highlander’s strapping young nephew has come looking for his uncle…

Alasdair Blackmoor has never seen a place as friendly as this small Georgia town—or a girl as brilliant and beguiling as Izzy. Instead of saving his uncle, who seems to be having a lovely time, Alasdair decides he’d rather help Izzy with the Highland Games. Show her how to dance like a Highlander. Drink like a Highlander. And maybe, just maybe, fall in love with a Highlander. But when the games are over, where do they go from here?


You can say that Isabel is more than just a little surprised when her mother has come home with more than, some earrings, and a scarf from her trip to Scotland. Picking her up from the airport she also meets Gareth who was the groundskeeper at the castle she visited, now he was carrying their luggage. You can say that she is little more than shocked at the over six-foot man talking to her. Now on the way home, she is realizing that her mother is behaving in a way that she has never seen before. With the Highlander games coming up it seems that the next morning and many others it is Izzy now doing all of the leg work without the help of her mother who happens to be entertaining the guest. Days later Alistair Blackmoor arrives in town and is introduced as a cousin to Gareth when really he is his Nephew and he is wanting to look into these two women and make sure that they are not going after the family. He starts a search on the families’ property with the company he works for in England. When he begins to fall for Izzy and her for him he realizes his mistake about the search through the company he works for but by then it is too late. Now secrets are being reviled about who both the gentlemen are and the two women are not happy and neither is the town, see who or if either one or both can come out of this mess with either woman. A wonderful story that for me started slow but finished strong. A very good read. With good characters. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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