City of Windows

CITY OF WINDOWS                                 ROBERT POBI

During the worst blizzard in memory, an FBI agent in a moving SUV in New York City is killed by a nearly impossible sniper shot. Unable to pinpoint where the shot came from, as the storm rapidly wipes out evidence, the agent-in-charge Brett Kehoe turns to the one man who might be able to help them--former FBI agent Lucas Page.

Page, a university professor and bestselling author, left the FBI years ago after a tragic event robbed him of a leg, an arm, an eye, and the willingness to continue. But he has an amazing ability to read a crime scene, figure out angles and trajectories in his head, and he might be the only one to be able to find the sniper's nest. With a new wife and family, Lucas Page has no interest in helping the FBI--except for the fact that the victim was his former partner.

Agreeing to help for his partner's sake, Page finds himself hunting a killer with an unknown agenda and amazing sniper skills in the worst of conditions. And his partner's murder is only the first in a series of meticulously planned murders carried out with all-but-impossible sniper shots. The only thing connecting the deaths is that the victims are all with law enforcement--that is until Page's own family becomes a target.

To identify and hunt down this ruthless, seemingly unstoppable killer, Page must discover what hidden past connects the victims before he himself loses all that is dear to him.


A fantastic story from the beginning to the end. You are going through turning every page wondering what will happen next or who Dr. Page will not make friends with next. Dr. Page used to work for the FBI many years ago and is asked to come back when his old partner is killed by a sniper during a snowstorm in New York. The way the shot happened and because of the conditions, the FBI does not have a clue where the shot came from. Just after minutes on the scene and asking a few questions his mind goes back into the mode it did many years ago and he calculates where the shot originated. Not wanting to go back to work for the FBI promising his wife during the Christmas vacation he would spend time home with their five children. Especially their new foster child who is having problems adjusting. He is called away again when an ATF agent is shot on a train. Agent Whitaker who is assigned to drive Page around arrives at his house and slowly their banter in the SUV comes back and they are going to the scene. This is the way it goes. There is a conflict between Page and an old FBI agent that neither got along when he used to work for them years ago. The FBI and all of the other agencies are looking at a French group that he does not agree with. The author also makes some reverences of changes that happened after 9-11 that most people really don’t know about which actually added to the story. Overall I found this to be a very good book that will keep you interested until the last page. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us

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