Love Repaired

LOVE REPAIRED                                     DEANA BIRCH

Attorney Amee sets aside her own needs to juggle the broken pieces of her life and family until mechanic Ben repairs her heart.

Divorce attorney Amee Benton—who has an ex of her own—is pretty sure she’s a #MomFail. Showing up late on a Friday night to retrieve her car from the shop and finding the pink frosted cupcakes she forgot to leave at her daughter’s ballet camp confirms it.

When mechanic Ben Mathis confesses to stealing one of the confections and asks who is taking care of Amee, she knows he’s a unicorn—a magical, beautiful beast who surely only exists in fantasies, so she tells him just that, with an F-bomb for good measure.

Amee has three things Ben finds irresistible in a woman—brains, a family and a serious potty mouth. During a chance run-in at Ben’s own personal hell, AKA the mall, he summons the courage to ask her out. Though Amee is leery of dating a younger man and Ben is more than aware of their social gap, the two take a chance.

But Amee’s life isn’t like his. And when her ex returns and the doubting divorcĂ©e blunders, all Ben’s insecurities are piqued anew. Now, Amee must prove to Ben that his worth is much more than stand-in dad and rebound boyfriend or she’ll watch her magical unicorn gallop off into the forest forever.

Reader advisory: This book contains references to alcoholism, emotional abuse, and drunk driving resulting in a death.


Aimee is a mother of two girls and also divorced. Her ex-husband is in prison having killed a man while driving drunk. It has been two years and her daughters are finally not being teased any more at school. Now being a successful attorney she hopes she could turn that into being a successful mother. Going to the dealership to pick up her car from the repair she is late for that as well. The man that comes to the door Ben takes her breath away. Their banter begins with this meeting where she calls him a unicorn and after he tells her he ate one of the cupcakes that she left on the seat, he begins to call her cupcake. You begin to see the easiness between the two of them. She starts to make it complicated first by age. She is older than him. When she gets past that it becomes more. After Ben has taught her youngest to ride a bike and got over once being ignored by her with some ladies from there school. It happens again when Shae the youngest daughter wanted him to be there for her dance recital, but he had a test for his night school class. When he does finally make it and she wants to introduce him to her teacher, Aimee says no because it is late and they must leave. Breaking up her with her was difficult for him but he wanted to be with her all the way not just in bed. Once she realizes her mistake once again she now needs to show him how much he really means to her and to her girls. The epilogue in this book was really good as well. A very good book with very good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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