Winner Takes All: How Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Won—and Lost—the High Stakes Gamble to Own Las Vegas

WINNER TAKES ALL                              CHRISTINA BINKLEY

The Strip. Home to some of the world's grandest, flashiest, and most lucrative casino resorts, Las Vegas, with its multitude of attractions, draws millions of tourists from around the world every year. But Sin City hasn't always been booming: modern Vegas exists largely thanks to the extraordinary vision, and remarkable hubris, of three competing business moguls: Kirk Kerkorian, Dr. Gary Loveman, and Steve Wynn. And in the wake of #MeToo revelations, not all empires survive.

Having had personal access to all three tycoons, Binkley explains how their audacious efforts to reach the top-and to top one another-shaped the city as it stands. She takes us inside their grandest schemes, their riskiest deals, and the personalities that drove them to their greatest successes, and their most painful defeats. In this updated edition, she reveals the inside story of how Steve Wynn, the winner who took all, ultimately lost everything-twice. 


This book really does not go into all of the backstories of Vegas and the deals, or of Wynn himself. When he first owned Frontier and the Golden Nugget, on Sundays you could go into the Golden Nugget and actually get a champagne brunch for practically nothing. He really did change downtown for a while because people would go down there. This is not talked about. Neither is the time when his daughter was kidnapped and then later found and then the kidnappers found later. What is talked about is his building his hotels, losing them to take over and then coming back with the Encore, which was much bigger. He did do a lot for Vegas when he built the Mirage and put the volcano out front for everyone to stop and see when they came into town. This book was okay I personally was hoping for more. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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