She's pregnant with another man's baby.
He's now the father to his little niece.
A sexy romance with all the feels!

Single Mom-To-Be Rule #1: watch out for those horny hormones.


After a childhood of bouncing from one foster home to another and a series of failed relationships, I’ve taken matters into my own hands when it comes to starting a family.
Or rather, someone else’s hand. And a plastic cup.
I’d rather be a single mom than be let down again, and I’m definitely not looking for a baby daddy. That includes sexy workaholic game designer Wes Chiasson, thank you very much.

My software company has been my number one, two, and three priorities. But that all changes when I suddenly become the guardian of my three-year-old niece. Now my world has turned topsy-turvy with princesses and little-girl tea parties.
When Hannah Morrell needs a place to stay after the pipes in her apartment burst, I invite her to move in with my niece and me. Hannah is a pediatric nurse, and given my situation, who could ask for a better roommate?
Sounds easy. Right?
It is—until emotions get tossed into the mix. Because if there’s one thing history has taught Hannah, it’s that the people who’ve gained her love can’t be trusted.
And now I have to put my heart on the line to prove otherwise.


     I totally loved this story.  Stina the author had me from the get-go.  With the humorous banter especially.  The couple are friends before their relationship.  For two years Hannah and Wes has known each other.  Him the billionaire owner of a gaming company.  She a peds nurse and soon to be a black belt.
     Their friends were a tight-knit group of thirty-somethings.  All highly successful in their own rights.  There is a hockey player, adult store owner, security protection firm with ex-retired SEALs, a teacher, etc.… you get the picture.  No matter what they were there for each other.
     Hannah and Emma came from foster care. Loving and being loved can sometimes be hard, in this case, much more so for Hannah in that she was abandoned.  For the sake of this story that is what we are dealing with. 
     She was abandoning numerous times.  So, she was never sure about men, never giving her dates a chance.  Therefore, turkey baster sounded like the safest bet for her heart to become pregnant and less complicated for sure.
     That is unless you do something stupid and fall in love.  Wes, on the other hand, is your gamer and I don’t mean in the sense of being a player with the ladies.  Although, he had his fair share of those too.  But no!  He is a Billionaire who made with a computer software gaming company.  Plus, he does programing of other software too.  A real work-a-holic.
     That is until his brother and sister in law were killed in a car accident along with his niece, Everly who survived.  A sweet sugary three-year-old.  Now he was in the process of adopting her.
     When Hannah’s water pipes burst Wes offers his penthouse in San Fran with a view.  They all seem to interact as a family.  Until it becomes too real.  And friends ask Hannah too many questions.
     I love this because she writes it as if the characters are talking to the reader and letting them in on secrets and what not it is so cute.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by 
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