Off the Market (Texas BBQ Brothers #2)

OFF THE MARKET                                 AUDREY WICK

Quinn LaFayette is in her inaugural year as library special programs director of Last Stand, but when the kickoff performance for the children’s summer program goes terribly wrong, she has to save face as well as her job. She has a surprise advocate in Cole, whom she did her best to ignore in school. Seven years has only made Cole more appealing, but Quinn is determined to resist the sparks that fly between them because they are too different.

Restaurant owner Cole Hutchinson is no bookworm, but thanks to his fast-thinking antics, he ends up saving the day at the library and earning Quinn’s praise in the process. He’s tempted to seek more, but he’s juggling plenty of female attention from gracing the June edition of Modern Texas magazine featuring barbeque. Cole’s not interested in revisiting a woman from his past, but there’s something about Quinn that he can’t quite ignore.

Can Cole prove that opposites really do attract?


This is the second book in the series but you can just read it and be fine. Quinn is a Librarian on a temporary basis. She is wanting it to be a permeant job so she has come up with different programs for the children. It is at the first one that you meet Cole who also owns the barbeque restaurant in town. He comes in and saves the day when the man who was giving a talk about dinosaurs starts to fall apart. Quinn finds herself liking Cole again and wonders if he remembers her from when she used to live in town years ago, but always had her nose in a book. She also has to fight the city manager who seems to have a hidden agenda along the way. Cole is there for her other events and comes to her rescue again and this becomes more opportunities for them to spend time together. She is hoping to get the permeant job so she can stay. See what happens with this nice story that has very good characters. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at 

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