As You Were, Cowboy (Lone Star Leathernecks #2)

AS YOU WERE COWBOY                        HEATHER LONG

Mateo Lopez is on medical discharge from the United States Marine Corps after receiving a severe spinal cord injury. He doesn’t believe his life can get back to normal, but a sexy, feisty new horse trainer has other ideas.

Mateo Lopez, honorably discharged from the Marine Corps on medical leave, is struggling to rebuild his life. The spinal cord injury that left him feeling like a broken man resulted in his inability to ride the horses he loves and works with on Round Top Ranch.

The new horse trainer at the ranch, however, has decided that this isn’t acceptable. Claire Windsor, a spirited, London-born spitfire of a woman, has come to begin a new program to turn the horses into therapy animals. She turns Mateo’s world upside-down, and try as he might to avoid her, she keeps inserting herself into his life. As their plans for the ranch clash, so too do their hearts...making all things fair in love and war.


Mateo Lopez has been discharged from the Marines because of a spinal cord injury. He is sent to a horse ranch because of a new therapy that has started with horses. He really does not want to be there because he feels he won’t be able to ride them as he did before his injury. Clair Windsor has been hired for this new program and has left England because she believes that horses can help with healing. Between her not wanting to fail and Mateo’s hard headiness it will not come as a shock when they begin to clash. By clashing this also brings them closer together and the more they are together they now must start dealing with emotions without the horse, with people the two of them. A very good story of healing and I thought everything was done tactfully. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at 

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