A Beautiful Match (Love at Lincolnfield #3)

A BEAUTIFUL MATCH                           COLLETTE DIXON

After wasting five years on a man who didn’t want kids, Miranda pines for a baby of her own. What she needs is a man with father potential who can commit. What she does not need is the hot bachelor in town for his wine business who lives halfway around the world . But when Miranda feels an unexpected connection over dinner, one simple date becomes one delectably complicated weekend.

Since his wife left him when he couldn’t father a child, Carlos changes women like clothing. Determined to challenge him, Miranda is one of the most frustrating dates he’s ever had. Yes, he wants her in his bed. But after one date, he craves much more. This down-to-Earth nurse awakens a part of him he’s been denying for years. They would be a perfect match if she didn’t want precisely what he can’t give her.


A very heartfelt and heartwarming story. Miranda has just suffered a miscarriage and on top of that, the man she was with for five years walked out on her while she was going through everything. Now on the other side sort of her friend is wanting her to go out at least for one night agreeing she meets Carlos. He is from Argentina and after being married for two years he finds out he cannot have children so his wife divorced him. Both of these people searching for something have found each other but only feel they have one night. She still needs to work as a nurse and he will need to return to Argentina. That one night goes longer and it ends up that they are healing each other without knowing it. It is not until you are much into the story and you are wondering if these two can make it work, one in Chicago and one in Argentina, but you must read this story to find out. I also like how the author dealt with miscarriage and the loss one feels. Overall a very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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