Finn (Anderson Billionaires #1)

FINN                                                          MELODY ANNE

Finn Anderson is a loyal military veteran who has no desire to live a life of luxury and ease, but sometimes a person doesn’t get a choice. His life is flipped upside down when he and his four brothers learn they’re long-lost relatives of the absurdly famous and wealthy Joseph Anderson. The eccentric but generous billionaire puts the brothers to work building a new veterans center, and that’s not all: Joseph won’t stop until each nephew finds love.
Finn has never expected or wanted an easy life, and he struggles with his early retirement from the elite SEAL team. But when a very confident Brooke Garrison literally sweeps him off his feet during a self-defense class he’s teaching, he thinks less about his past and more about a brand-new future.
If Finn knows anything for certain, it’s that he can’t let this woman getaway. Though Brooke is tough and compassionate, the loss of her brother has left her vulnerable. She isn’t sure she can risk loving and losing another person in her life, including a very determined ex-SEAL. Can the two of them look beyond their past wounds and embrace what they’re feeling?

Finn Anderson and his brothers have found out that they are part of a larger family and one that is wealthy. Finn having to retire from the Seals because of an explosion is leery of the so-called uncle who has shown up after their mother just passed. Now with his brothers all in agreement, they all agree to work on a project for Andersons corp., building a veteran facility in the area that they live in. Brooke Garrison is going through her day and life with the care that this will be as it will always be and she is happy with that. Working as a nurse Assistant she sees her patients and meets with her friends and she is okay with that. After losing her brother to the war, and her mother to cancer she feels that she is destined to be alone. When she first meets Finn she is just as attracted to him as he is to her but she will not admit to her feelings. Not even when he comes in the next day after two of his brothers hit him in the face to cause bruising and he wanted to be checked out by her, she did not fall for the Seal attack. She did fall for his next ploy running a mud run, then taking her to a base where they repelled from a helicopter, then a paintball excursion. She also wanted to be part of the project that he was working on. But does she wants to be part of his life that he kept asking her for? Read this really good book and find out. I really liked the characters and all of the different activities that they did, a very good read. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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