Guarding the Single Mother (SEAL Endgame #1)


Retired Navy SEAL, Clint Backwater, enjoys his solitary life as the owner of the Ask Questions Later gun range. It’s the kind of place you find because you know a guy. So when Leila Ortiz, a petite woman with a “baby on board” sticker on the back of her car—and an 18-month-old boy in her arms—shows up at the range, panicked and desperate for a gun, he knows something is wrong. Having grown up in the foster system, Clint has seen what happens when you let yourself get too invested—things get messy, people leave. He made himself a promise to never get emotionally involved again, but the former SEAL in him feels the tug to help this woman and her child.

Leila’s ex-husband is being released from prison early on good behavior and she found out too late. He was supposed to serve five years, not two, and Leila is unprepared to protect herself and her son. She promised him they’d never run again—they’ve made a nice life for themselves and the last thing she wants to do is leave it all behind. 

When Clint refuses to give Leila a gun without lessons, she agrees to return to the range to learn. At first, Leila won’t say why she’s so desperate for protection, but when the threats from her ex escalate, it becomes clear what she’s afraid of.  

Clint is a loner. Always has been, always will be. So when Leila and her little son enter his life, it hits him—hard— maybe being alone isn’t what he needs. Still, having his solitary life disrupted when he invites the little family into his home is a bit tougher to take than he thought. With Leila and her son in danger, though, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe—even putting up with stray toys and changing a nappy or two. 

But the biggest danger might be to his heart, when it starts to look like the safest thing for Leila and her baby might be to leave her problems—and her budding relationship with Clint—behind.


Even when you begin this book and you have an idea as to how the story is going to end. The author takes you on a journey as if you are really going through a single mom’s nightmare of her ex-husband is released from prison and she was not notified. After one confrontation Leila walks into a gun store owned by ex-Seal Clint Backwater, he refuses to sell her a gun but tells her to come back later after he closes. Now with her 18-month-old, he finds a woman to watch the little one and begins to go through the process of training her at firing a weapon. When he finds out the next day that her ex showed up at her house and she needs a place to stay the man who wants to be a loner takes her and her child in. Here begins the closeness and with her still coming to the range there is something building inside of him that he has never felt. The problem is can he get Leila to stay and not leave town. A very good book and one that shows just how frightening it is for women out their against their ex’s either husbands or boyfriends even if you follow through with the paperwork it is still just paper and they can do something to them. A very good story. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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