Mr. Maybe (The Sycamore River Series Book 2)

MR. MAYBE                                              M. KATE QUINN

Bridal shop alterations expert Kit Baxter lives a nightmare when forced to tailor her grandmother's wedding gown for the traitorous cousin who's marrying her ex-boyfriend. Add in a favor owed to her next-door neighbor and she's in over her head.

When he asks her to provide temporary housing for Shane Dugan, a hunky new fire department recruit in need of temporary housing, she declines. She changes her mind when Shane agrees to play the part of her boyfriend at the looming wedding festivities.

What starts out as two strangers with a bargain evolves into something more, and for the first time since her world turned upside down, Kit starts to think...maybe.​


This turned out to be a good story even though at times you could see where it was going. The author did a good job of keeping just enough fun moments with serious ones with the characters. Kat Baxter works at a bridal shop as a seamstress and low and beholds her cousin comes in wanting her to change their grandmother’s wedding dress for her upcoming wedding. The groom just happens to be Kat’s ex-boyfriend whom she caught them kissing at Christmas Eve. While this is going on in walks Kat’s soon to be a new tenant for she needs a roommate. He one Shane Dugan is going to the fire academy and must live in town. Right then they agree that he will act like her boyfriend and her cousin and aunt are satisfied. Wrong he is now invited along with Kat to all of the functions that this bride has before the wedding. Meanwhile, Kat and Shane are getting to know one another and things are looking good until a few days before the wedding and Kat sees Shane kissing his old girlfriend who he said was in Milan, Italy. Now feeling once again suckered by a guy she does not know what to do? The characters in this book really add to this story especially Hop her neighbor, Kat’s mother and even Larry, Shane’s friend. Overall a good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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