SLEEPING WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND (A funny, sexy, romantic comdey novella)


It's Lori's wedding night and husband, Sam, makes a startling revelation just hours after arriving at their dream honeymoon location. A devastated Lori returns to London believing revenge will help her recover from the shocking blow. But Lori does something she will live to regret.
Sam's best friend, Matt, is there to offer Lori a shoulder to cry on because Lori's best friend, Julia, disappeared just days before the wedding.
This flaky foursome is about to have their relationships stretched to the limits when honesty is in short supply and bed-hopping seems to be the order of the day.


   Sometimes we tend to ignore the signs that are right in front of our faces.  In order to talk ourselves into something we really want.  Two sets of friends meet in a bar.  When Julia, Lori’s best friend sees two cute guys.
     Lori always is Julia’s wing-girl.  Julia is the curvy girl all the guys want.  Lori is the blonde athletic one.  Still gorgeous in her own right just different.  Matt and Sam put them in each other’s pockets too.       
     When Sam asks Lori to marry him it makes things tense for the two women for the first time.  But when it came time for the wedding and Jules said she had a new job and wouldn’t be able to attend, she knew something was up.
     But to find out from Sam on her honeymoon that her fiancĂ© and best friend slept together and that she supposedly gave her blessing is what he was told was even more devastating.  One that she would say it and two that he would believe it without discussing it with her.  She felt betrayed by them both.
     She can’t think so she returns home from her honeymoon alone and starts rethinking their entire relationship.  Realizing that Sam truly is a great salesman.  She needed to talk to Matt Sam’s best friend and her best friends ex. To see what he knew.
     See how things go from bad to worse.  How tables get turned very quickly.  I have to say either I was tired or not thinking because I didn’t see this twist coming.  Friendships are tested.  And who remains standing is who you will need to read about.  Good but sad.  I would give this: more like 3.5 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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