A Dangerous Liaison (The Dangerous Series Book 3)

A DANGEROUS LIAISON                      L.R. OLSON

Who is the real Ginny Smith?

Destitute and orphaned, Ginny has known only poverty. She owns nothing but the clothes on her back and dreams of a better life. When she is given a position as a maid in a wealthy household, she believes her luck is about to change, until she meets the handsome Gabriel Thorton, a lord no less. Gabe is demanding, sensual and determined to get Ginny in his bed…as his mistress. Dare she give into temptation and sell her innocence to a man she can’t forget? Or does she hold out in hopes of a future she can only dream about?

Who is the real Gabriel Thorton?

Gabriel won’t let anyone stand in the way of what he wants; not his parents, not London society, and certainly not his past. Gabe always gets what he wants, until he meets Ginny, a maid no less. Ginny is stubborn, unique, smart, and determined to ignore his advances. The more time they spend together, the more Gabe realizes that one night just won’t do. But to have Ginny, he just might have to give up everything he’s worked so hard for.


Ginny Smith is orphaned, poor and always looking for food and watching out for her friend. Now given a job as a maid with Lord Gabriel Thornton. He is one that does not like titles nor does he want to follow what his parents especially his mother is ordering him to do. Finding himself attracted to Ginny he is surprised to find that she speaks German and French. She also reads, he wonders what poor person out on the streets has that type of knowledge. Wanting to find out more about her he takes her away and then brings her to a ball. The problem with this is that he leaves her alone and the women know she is not from there class or the society. Now pissed she leaves; it is much later when he finds her sick back out on the streets. Brings her back in and helps her regain her health.
Once healthy she wants to leave but he wants her to stay, not wanting to give herself to this man she knows the longer she stays the more difficult it will be. After giving into him the story continues to go in a new direction and you find out more about Ginny. Without giving away too much the last part of the book answers a lot of the questions you the reader have at the beginning.
First time I read this author and I was not disappointed. Also, I don’t normally read these types of books but I found this to be very entertaining. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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