The Playboy Next Door


Sparks of ire flash in Rachel every time Brandon opens his mouth in her presence. She hates everything he stands for, regardless of how attracted she is to him. He’s wrong for her on so many levels.

But Brandon doesn’t give up on Rachel easily. He has a plan to lower her defenses and ease his way into her good graces. After a few false starts, he manages to soothe the savage inside of her, creating a friendship neither of them expected.

Before Brandon can take their friendship to the next level, Rachel goes back to her ex-boyfriend for one last try. Kurt had been unfaithful, but her open, trusting heart doesn’t believe he’d do that to her twice. Brandon’s observations of Kurt tell him otherwise.

Push comes to shove between Kurt and Brandon in subtle ways while Rachel appears oblivious to their hateful interactions. But the victor of their battle has one more hill to climb before he can be indeed called the victor of Rachel’s heart.


This story begins with Rachel moving in next door to Brandon. He thinks she is very attractive but she sets him off in the wrong way from the first day she moves in. she knows he is attractive and does not want to give him the satisfaction of stroking his ego any more than it already has been. Now the two of them going back and forth doing things to each other, but the real killer for him is when she gets back together with her ex Kurt. He still believes that the guy is a cheater. He decides to go visit his sister in Colorado and work at keeping himself busy, wanting to be there for her when the guy falters.
He does of course and now the stage is set for the two of them, but it is not as easy as it seems. She still must work on her issues about cheating, and he is working at showing her that it is only her that his playboy ways are gone for good. Though there are sex scenes I did not find this to be an erotic story, that is just me. Overall a very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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