Defending Everly (Mountain Mercenaries #5)

DEFENDING EVERLY                           SUSAN STOKER

As tough as Everly Adams may be, the Colorado Springs SWAT officer is near a breaking point. Her fifteen-year-old half-sister, Elise, has disappeared from Los Angeles without a trace, and the window to find her is closing fast. Committed to the search is Mountain Mercenary Kannon “Ball” Black. He and Everly already have a history—of rubbing each other the wrong way.
Still, Everly has to admit the man is heart-stopping. His brash alpha swagger takes her breath away. And most importantly, as a former Coast Guard first responder, Ball has what it takes to bring Elise home.
Nobody’s buying the LAPD’s “runaway” theory. And the fear that Elise is the victim of a human trafficking ring is a gut-punch that Everly and Ball can’t ignore. If only the trail were that clear cut. Because the one they’re following is more insidious and intimately dark than they could have imagined.
Now as the bond between Everly and Ball grows stronger, so does the heat. And as the stakes rise, so does the danger.

When the last book ended Everly Adams who works for the Colorado Springs police department, came to the Mountain Mercenaries, wanting help. Maybe, maybe not she a swat officer did not like asking for help bur her fifteen-year-old sister who lived in Los Angeles has gone missing and no one anything.
The team sends Kannon “Ball” Black who does not want to go and does not want to be tied down with a female partner. Yes, they do not get along at first this is because of Black and his past. He does eventually get over it but it does take a little while for it to happen. He does need Everly as well for her sister is deaf and so she is the only one besides the school and her grandparents that know how to sign.
As they work looking for the sister they also begin to fix his problem which actually starts working itself out fairly quickly when she comes to his aid when he is being jumped. Slowly the two of them are also finding the other one attractive which they are both trying to fight.
This story is very good and different from the others. Dealing with internet stalking, especially how some apps contain hidden message boards which are scary. This all made for a very fast-paced and exciting story. Very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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