Marriage on Madison Avenue (Central Park Pact #3)


Can guys and girls ever be just friends? According to Audrey Tate and Clarke West, absolutely. After all, they’ve been best friends since childhood without a single romantic entanglement. Clarke is the charming playboy Audrey can always count on, and he knows that the ever-loyal Audrey will never not play along with his strategy for dodging his matchmaking mother—announcing he’s already engaged…to Audrey.

But what starts out as a playful game between two best friends turns into something infinitely more complicated, as just-for-show kisses begin to stir up forbidden feelings. As the faux wedding date looms closer, Audrey and Clarke realize that they can never go back to the way things were, but deep down, do they really want to?


The three women are back and from the first book now to the third, each book is different just like each woman. Maybe that is why from a guy’s point of view each one is a little intimidating, which as it should be. Audrey is finally working on dealing with herself and not wanting to go get cupcakes right away, though there is nothing wrong with a good cupcake my daughter says (I agree). She is looking back at the men she has chosen and is actually believing that it is her fault for the way everything worked out though Claire’s husband was an ass, jerk you get the point.
On top of everything else, she has some troll on the internet posting things about her that she feels are offensive. I get why she is hurt by what the person is saying especially when the ass does not have b…s to face you. That is the only problem with social media, I digress. So, her best friend Clarke who is being set up by his mother once again and is shocked to see his ex at lunch no less agrees to help Audrey with fake engagement.
This is not like one of those regular fake engagement books no siree this is a full Manhattan-style fake engagement with party, cake tasting from a top pastry chef, a wonderful wedding planner and of course two people who thought they both agree to a fake engagement agree that if it were a real wedding they would want an over the top one, so everyone would know they are marrying there one. So, in New York, you get married in the Plaza where else?
Now, of course, his mother Clarke for whatever reason really does not care for Audrey, but Clarke has always liked her and she has always liked him. They like the same movies and most everything else. Even enjoy just being home together as friends watching a movie eating pizza, popcorn and lounging on the couch no pretentions. When Clarke sees her in a different light, he knows she is the one, but he now must convince her.
Audrey because of everything that has happened to her and she feels responsible, probably for too much is falling for Clarke especially after they kiss, but will she allow herself to really be, be Audrey. I think really that is what I got out of this story, her becoming her own person. Moving in her own place, looking at her side what role she played if any and just growing up. She is the youngest of the three women and she had been there for each one of them especially Clare. From the first day when they left the park bench to when Clare moved from her home and started her new life, she supported her and the same with Naomi. She looked up to both of them in their strength and courage and was trying to find her own she went about it differently. Overall a good book, I wish maybe there would have been something about them all maybe ten years later but that is just me. A very good story to go along with the other books. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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