Rain on a Tin Roof: A Romance Novel

RAIN ON A TIN ROOF                             SANDRA A. SIGFUSSON

Learning to love the unexpected isn't the only thing Virginia is about to embrace. First, her best friend Charlotte has a startling confession. Second, a sudden business trip to Phoenix with her strict boss forges an unlikely friendship, and third, she discovers the Arizona heat has nothing on how surprisingly hot she gets over a chance encounter with a cowboy from Texas. But they do say weekends were made for lovers. To be fair Tacoma, Washington isn't the place Virginia would typically find a guy like Luke, so how could she have known someone tall dark and handsome wearing a Stetson and snakeskin cowboy boots would break all her ivy league men chasing aspirations in eight seconds? Apparently, it's time to grab the bull by the horns. It will be a bumpy ride that turns her city girl life upside down. But when the Texas dust settles from the heavy rains pouring off a tin-roofed barn, so does Virginia's heart.


Virginia thinks everything is going well in her life, for the most part, it is until her best friend gives her news that should be good but makes her a little sad for their friendship, not for her.
She is then asked by her boss to go with him to a conference in Phoenix which takes her some time to decide what that was all about. While at the conference she meets a cowboy Luke who with his brother runs a successful cattle operation. In San Antonio, that night they hit it off and spend the night together.
Now you have him traveling from Texas to Washington on weekends to see her. This, of course, gets old and after one weekend when she goes to Texas he asks her to move there to be with him. She does and the rest of the story is how the two of them adapt to her living in Texas and them being together. I don’t know how many people would make the move in the story as quickly as she did but it did add to the story. All of the characters I thought were very good and overall a good book, maybe a little fast. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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